#RussianFridays: Day 2. Big Bad Mother Masha (Fairy Tale).

Ivan Bilibin Illustration to The Tale of Golden Cockerel (1906)
Ivan Bilibin – Illustration to The Tale of Golden Cockerel (1906). Tsar Dadon meets the Queen of Shemakha.

The tale is a lie but there’s a hint in it, a lesson for fine lads.

Alexander Pushkin “The Tale of Golden Cockerel” (1835).

Once upon a time there lived Big Bad Mother Masha. Citizens of the Free West Town didn’t like her.

Nobody knew how and when did she appear in the town. What they knew for sure was that she was BIG. And that was bad. She was noisy. She was speaking with an accent. When she tried to act in such a way for citizens to like her they hated her even more. They thought: “this scum tries to fool us and steal something from us”.

Everyone in the town told her:

“Big Bad Mother Masha! You are so big and bad! Shame on you. All you do is wrong. Wicked are your ways. Evil is in your heart. Your head is full of malicious plans. Go away, dirty bear whisperer! We don’t want you here.”

Big Bad Mother Masha sighed. She didn’t want to leave the town but she knew she had to do it.

To be continued.

Any ideas?

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