Odessa Genocide: #BlameRussia

Rest in peace, victims of the Odessa genocide! Вечная память!

I wrote a short poem called #BlameRussia the next day after the tragedy. I ain’t no poet but it expresses my feelings well. Calmness at my dacha, shocking news from Odessa and blatant false propaganda from mainstream Western media were so contrasting that I could not express what I felt in any other way.

Blame Russia Poem

2 thoughts on “Odessa Genocide: #BlameRussia

  1. Please rest assured that the Western media does not reflect the views of everyone in the West. Indeed, many of us trust our media as much as we trust our politicians – that is, not very much.

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    1. I know, Robert! Unfortunately, easy answers are easy to promote as ‘truth’. There’s a civil war going on in Ukraine. Some people (including Ukrainian ultra-nationalists & Russian ultra-liberals) cheering the massacre in Odessa & calling it ‘Russian weeks at KFC’ & ‘burning Colorado beetles’ – that’s what astonishes me.


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