Russian Romance from “Possessed by the Gold”

Inna Kmit

A Russian romance from the “Possessed by the Gold” (“Во Власти Золота”, “Vo Vlasti Zolota”) 1957 Soviet film directed by Ivan Pravov. Starring Ivan Pereverzev, Inna Kmit (in the film still above) and Viktor Chekmaryov (Chekmarev). The film is based on the “King’s Evil”* (“Золотуха”, “Zolotukha”) story by Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak about the gold rush in Russia.

* Zolotukha means ‘scrofula’ aka ‘King’s Evil‘ in Russian (the root of this word is zolot, cf. zoloto, i.e. ‘gold’).

Full movie (in Russian):


One thought on “Russian Romance from “Possessed by the Gold”

  1. there is nothing like the sight of an amutated spirit,there is no PROSTHETIC for that!That’s Russian spirit I know vera well unlike west one,and many do not know or it appeares here in Croatia in media more often than ever in media or TV discussions such kind of comments and appreciation.In love with my first graduated language among 5, Russian,having been on specialization given for free without personal promotion but by others in ST.Peter.the nicest town in the world, unfortunately only for one month in 1985 during white students were amazed when I came back showing photos,reding and translating part of books i bought, souvenirs,stories, hours about time spent there,changed many of them their decision to study something else, fell in love in language,unique by 5 intonations in the world and some of them ,well known today in Zagreb,ended LOMONOSOV and have nice positions,no regrets ever,my son failed,also wanted to study Russian but was as creative, talented type “swallowed by this machine” and group internet games,lost proper comunication,stopped learning,got to know the type of young lady from Netherlands,married,lives there and is regreting but doesn’t want to admit that.My dally sorrow is not being able to buy here Russian keyboard,be of more moral and professional value in neoliberal capitalism we3 were forced to admit,all other true values of humanistic sciences separated from “TO HAVE” and not “TO BE” are ones that could save what has left, but when. I have some real estates inherited from my dead mom,my big flat I’d like to sell,and am thinking more and more to immigrate to Russia,the only one,or one of some countries that gives no offer for that via internet.Thanks for this site,i coul elaborate many, and am asked here to do that,can’t,old and knew Government gives us no time “to breathe”.Prof.-mentor multilingual Ljuerka-Lela Devčić, Zagreb, Croatia.

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