Russophobia vs. Westernophobia. Foreword.

Russophobia vs Westernophobia

In my previous posts on Russian stereotypes in the West (Part I, Part II) I mentioned Russophobia. But what is it, really? De Custine wrote the ‘Bible of Russophobes’, La Russie en 1839, but he wasn’t the first ‘prophet’. He just planted a seed in a fertile soil. As you know – you reap what you sow.

Thus, in my new series of posts I will study Russophobia in the West and Westernophobia in Russia as a part of identity and nation building, political ideology and sociocultural fear of the Other, etc. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Russophobia vs. Westernophobia. Foreword.

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  2. This sounds very interesting. I have been studying and exposing this “phenomenon” for a while.
    Hope to read more on your blog soon!
    Lada 🙂


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