I’ll Be Back!

As my 9 to 6 job turned into 9 [am] to 2 [am], I’ve decided to share some photos of Moscow to update the blog.

Я вернусь!

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Boris Indrikov – Velikie Veliki

Boris Indrikov - Velikie Veliki in the State Museum of Sports
Boris Indrikov – Velikie Veliki in the State Museum of Sports

I want to introduce to you Boris Indrikov – contemporary Russian artist, whom I was fortunate to meet in person. I was completely blown away by his Velikie Veliki project (in Russian, English adaptation), which was a mockery of pseudoscience and folk history. I won’t give you spoilers, but trust me – it’s a brain candy! Note: all the text in the Russian version was written by Boris on such a high level that it resulted in a holy war on Russian historical forums.

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#RussianProverb: If You Do Something in a Hurry, People Will Laugh at You

Valentin Korzhov - Darwin vs Darwin, Scene №2.
Valentin Korzhov – Darwin vs Darwin, Scene №2.

Поспешишь — людей насмешишь (pospeshísh’ – lyudéy nasmeshísh’).

Lit.: if you do something in a hurry, people will laugh at you.

English equivalents: fools rush in; haste makes waste.

Russo-American Relations in a Nutshell


Normalizing Russophobia

Russia & the West.

Pt. X: Normalizing Russophobia

The Russian conspiracy theory in the US and the corresponding wave of Russomania in the West resulted in the normalization of the good old Russophobia. As I’ve previously stated, I think that the latter term is overused, but it’s relevant here – meaning the fear and/or hate of Russia and Russians. Continue reading “Normalizing Russophobia”