Stealth Russians, or the Western Media Blind Spot

(Introduction to my post in the #RussianStereotypes series)

Western master discourse of Russia in one collage
Western master discourse of Russia in one collage

Look at that! That is a complete f*cking fraud, and it looks 100% real. This is the greatest work I’ve ever done in my life – because it’s so honest. Wag the Dog.


Less than two weeks ago I was writing a post on Russian stereotypes in my phone lying on the beach in Sudak, Crimea (btw a post with photos from my vacation to come). A man behind me who happened to be a refugee from Donbass was telling his story to another man (there are many refugees in Crimea). Continue reading

#RussianProverb: The Job is Afraid of a Good Worker

Street art in Saint Petersburg (from Pushkin's poem "Ruslan & Lyudmila")
Street art in Saint Petersburg (from Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan & Lyudmila”)

Дело мастера боится (délo mástera boítsya).

Literally: the job is afraid of a good worker.

English equivalent: he works best who knows his trade; as the workman so is the work; master has it.

Fear & Loathing in Las Ukras

Russian matryoshkaThis post was sponsored by a Russian drug cartel.


In Russia there’s a running joke about ‘British scientists‘ because many pseudo-scientific or yellow journalism articles (in Russia) refer to ‘British scientists': “according to British scientists unicorns do eat marshmallow pies”. It looks like ‘British scientists’ will be accompanied by ‘British journalists’. Continue reading

Posts on Russian Stereotypes translated into Romanian

Old klyukvification ad with a bear

As part of cooperation between ACS-RSS and Russian Universe I’m finally pleased to announce that my first post on Russian stereotypes in the West is now translated into Romanian by the founder of ACS-RSS Alexandru Mîţă:

Stereotipuri despre Rusia. Percepţia Occidentului despre Rusia analizată de un rus (episodul 1).

Later it was also published on the Vocea Rusiei website.

UPD. The second post in Russian stereotypes series is available in Romanian:
Kliukvificarea: reprezentarea Rusiei şi a ruşilor în cultura populară. Percepţia Rusiei de către Occident analizată de un rus (2).

The Importance of Being Honest (Notes on Russian Cultural Identity & Moral Superiority)

Steve Jobs lubok style

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength (George Orwell).


A liar should have a long a memory (English proverb).


It is my third post in ‘Russian Propaganda’ category… The Russian Mafia told me it doesn’t exist. Probably, that vodka I drank for inspiration had some pentothal fly agaric in it. So it was just a bad Russian trip. I had to find some REAL sponsors for this post. Fortunately, I found freedom fighters terrorists from ISIL. Thanks, guys! Continue reading

Understanding Russia with native Russian speaker


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